A team of engineers, sitting around a table. Futuristic look. Robot in the background

Leading Builders: Management in the Age of AI

Marc Simard
May 29, 2023

It is clear that our profession - that of building the software systems that power so much of modern life - is rapidly changing. The pandemic moved us to adopt remote work. AI tools are redefining what it means to be an engineer. We have the privilege - and the challenge - of collaborating with each other across cultures and time zones. Of communing with machines. Of building the future.

Your role as a tech leader is more difficult than ever. With higher interest rates, you’re asked to do more with less. This blog aspires to be your guide as we make a once-in-a-career transition to a new way of building.

We’ll cover timeless leadership advice (painting a compelling vision, giving actionable feedback), the latest in building with AI (the cutting-edge tools and how leading teams are using them), and hopefully build a community along the way.

Strap in - we’re accelerating!