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ArtistConnect's Success with Setori

Logan Jeya
June 15, 2023

Identifying hidden bottlenecks in the PR review process is crucial for experienced engineering leaders. Examining ArtistConnect's experience, we showcase how using Setori to detect and resolve these bottlenecks can lead to improved team performance.

Matti Schmidt, CTO of ArtistConnect, shares his thoughts on Setori with a touch of humor:

ArtistConnect's PR Review Bottlenecks

ArtistConnect, a fast-growing tech company, faced several overlooked PR review process issues. First, handoffs and communication was non-standardized and messy. This led to workflow disruptions from PR review delays and holdups. To make up for this, the team would sometimes rush reviews, leading to the accumulation of technical debt.

To address these issues, ArtistConnect's engineering leadership turned to Setori for assistance.

Progress by Improving Review Process

After implementing Setori's tools, particularly the "At-Risk PRs" feature, ArtistConnect observed impressive improvements:

To achieve these results, ArtistConnect combined Setori's capabilities with the following strategies:

Takeaways for Engineering Leaders


ArtistConnect's success in revealing and addressing their hidden PR review bottlenecks highlights the value of leveraging Setori's tools. By employing practical strategies and data-driven tools like Setori's "At Risk PRs" feature, engineering leaders can optimize their PR review process, driving increased productivity and collaboration within their teams.