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Using Metrics to Raise Ambitions

Marc Simard
June 9, 2023

A lot of us are competitive. We love self-improvement. Hitting a PR in the gym. Winning a game of chess. Measuring. Setting goals. Improving.

One of my favourite aspects of writing code is the short feedback loops. I can quickly check if my code compiles, if my UI does what I want, if my tests pass. It’s gratifying. Puts me in a flow state.

One of the best ways to use engineering metrics is to set goals and raise the ambitions of your team. How long are we actually taking to give each other feedback on PRs? How often are we deploying? What is our mean time to resolution when there is a bug in prod? Should it be better? If so, by how much?

Improvement loop - measure your baseline, set team targets, achieve new heights

By objectively measuring engineering metrics, setting a baseline, and having a team conversation about how and what you want to focus on improving next, teams can significantly improve how they work together. It is possible to put in place similar feedback loops to what we get while coding for our team processes.

At Setori, we’ve done the heavy lifting to create a single source of truth for your engineering metrics by aggregating, cleaning, and presenting data from all the tools you already use (GitHub, GitLab, Jira, Shortcut, etc.). Give us a try if you want to test this out (or do this same exercise manually - that’s a good place to start too)!

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- Marc